International and national grant providers operate under strict internal rules and regulations and have formulated their individual sets of rules and conditions, financial and technical, which must be closely followed by Grant beneficiaries.

Grant beneficiaries must, therefore, ensure that they comprehend the surrounding environment and the accompanying rules and regulations, in order to be well aware of what expenses are eligible or not, so that the claims they file for reimbursement, fulfil the eligibility rules.

Our partners and staff,  having considerable experience in this field, particularly with EU grants, can provide valuable advice to our clients, enabling them to be perfectly certain, that the expense claims filed, comply fully with the eligibility rules. Thus the possibility of disalowances in case of audits executed either by the European Commission auditors or by appointed audit firms, is minimised.

In addition, through our associated audit firm, we can provide the audit certificates which must accompany every claimed filed, for which the requested funding exceeds certain thresholds. Such audit certification relates to a range of EU projects, funded by different European Commission Directorates and Agencies, including the following:

  • Research and Technological Development (currently Horizon 2020, the successor of the previous FP7)
  • Europeaid
  • Life
  • Interreg
  • Culture